I write about science, with a particular penchant for marine biology and the intersection of art and science. I also write science fiction and fantasy. Sometimes I write for grown-ups and sometimes I write for kids. I also make art, including technical illustrations, comic strips, calligraphy, and origami.

My first book, SQUID EMPIRE: The Rise and Fall of the Cephalopods, tells the true story of the ancient sea monsters that evolved into modern-day squid. It was published in October 2017 by ForeEdge, an imprint of the University Press of New England. Check the book page for updated information about author signings and other events.

For my PhD, I studied baby squid at Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University. Before that, I got a BA in Biology from the College of Creative Studies of the University of California, Santa Barbara. Now I live in San Jose, California, with my husband, kids, cats, and plants.

Tiny sculpted squid doctor treating another tiny sculpted squid for "foot" problems.The name "cephalopodiatrist" was coined by some friends of mine in high school to describe my lifelong obsession with octopus, squid, and all their relatives. Years later, artist Justina Kochansky rendered the term delightfully in sculpture.

My name can be tricky to pronounce. It rhymes with Banana Cough.

I am represented by the magnificent Lydia Mo√ęd of The Rights Factory.